Yeshivat HaRa’ayon HaYehudi not just another yeshiva, but one that differs so fundamentally from all pic_01the rest. It is dedicated to reclaiming the authentic Jewish Idea – to once again produce the” scholar warrior”, the way it was always meant to be. To make the crooked road of Judaism once again, straight.

The Yeshiva is dedicated to producing students in the mold of “King David”, who rose by night to study Torah and write Psalms, and then by day to lead his people in battle against the enemies of the Jewish nation.

It is dedicated to rebuilding the authentic Jewish Idea as it was meant to be at Sinai, with the acceptance of the yoke of Heaven. The Yeshiva emphasizes Jewish religion and Jewish nationalism as inseparable concepts.

For the long length of exile, the Jew has been separated from his Land. This gross perversion of authentic Judaism saw Jews not only becoming accustomed to living without a land, but also turning hostile to any mention of nationalism. The people became twisted, and so did the teachings of the people become twisted so that the very Torah teachings became warped in terms of the authentic Judaism that once was. So on the one hand there arose the cripples who dropped religion and limped on the one foot of nationalism, while on the other there were those who dropped nationalism and hobbled about on the foot of religion. G-d, however, made the Jew with two feet.

Never was it clearer that there exists a crying need for great Halachic leaders who are rooted in the authentic Judaism that has so sadly been lost due to the historic distortions of the exile, where so many un-Jewish and anti-Jewish ideas are accepted today as being “Jewish” and in the Jewish tradition, when they are really foreign and strange and anti-Jewish.

“For years, almost 20 years, I had a dream. Looking about me, a Jewish world, so twisted and confused and conceptually corrupted, in which the authentic Jewish Idea was buried, lost, unrecognizable. It was not only the deliberate counterfeiters and ignoramuses of reform-conservatism-humanism and secular nationalism. They, in their absurd, grotesque and irrational “Judaism” and “Jewishness”, were unfortunately not alone in their twisting of the authentic Jewish Idea.”
Rabbi Meir Kahane ZT”L HY”D